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I. OBJECTIVE: We welcome the new year with a short CW Contest. All radio amateurs and SWL's are cordially invited.
II. DATES: Annually on 1 January from 0900 to 1200 UTC.
III. BANDS: 80m (3510-3560kHz), 40m, 20m (14000-14060kHz). The IARU-Region-I band plan must be respected!
IV. CATEGORIES: You can choose only one of the four categories.
Category 1: More than 150W Output (300W Input)
Category 2: Up to 150W Output (300W Input)
Category 3: Up to 5W Output (10W Input)
Category 4: SWL
V. OPERATION: Only CW (A1A). Only single OP.
2. EXCHANGE: RST report plus a progressive contact serial number starting at 001 and incrementing by one for each contact. Members of AGCW must also give their membership number. Example: 599067/2583
1. QSO POINTS: Each complete QSO counts one point. Each station may be worked once per band. SWL-LOGS must contain both call signs and at least one complete logged report. SWLs may log up to 5 QSO of a specific station.
2. MULTIPLIERS: A QSO with a member of AGCW gives a multiplier per band.
3. TOTAL SCORE: Sum of QSO points multiplied with the sum of the multipliers.
VII. LOG SUBMISSION: Each participant must explicitly declare that he has complied with the contest rules.
ELECTRONIC LOGS: We prefer electronic logs.
Electronic logs must be submitted exclusively in STF or CBR format via upload.
Here you can download a free software:
4. DEADLINE: Arrived at the manager until 14 January.

The result around this contest can be found here